Connect A Shot

connect 4 basketball

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Connect A Shot Basketball Shooting Game

It's connect 4 but with a fun and exciting twist! To play connect a shot basketball game,  each player is given a set of colored basketballs which they must throw into the hoops where the ball will then travel down the clear tunnel to try and get 4 in a row and win the game! If you want the thrill that only a one-on-one shootout competition can deliver, our Connect a Shot Shooting Game Interactive is sure to deliver.  Our connect a shot basketball game is great for outside & indoor events! Whether it's a sports themed birthday party, college event, school festival or corporate party the connect a shot game is perfect for any occasion! 

Connect A Shot Basketball Game Specifications:

- Inflatable connect a shot game
- 12 colored basketballs (6 red and 6 blue) 
Safety Rules
- Adults should always be supervising the kids when they are playing with the inflatable game
- Please limit two (2) players at a time
- Do not throw the balls at each other
- No rough play (including wrestling)
- No jewelry or shap objects
- Do not climb or jump on the inflatable game 
- Do not operate any inflatable in 15mph winds or more 
- Never play with the inflatable game when it's raining

- Overnight rentals are allowed as long as our equipment can be locked up when it is not being used
- Cement set ups are allowed. We cannot set up on rocks, gravel or uneven cement.
- One (1) Blower (requires a separate outlet)