Giant Human Foose ball (soccer)

Giant Human Foose ball (soccer)

    • Actual Size: 45X25X7
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 5 and up

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Foosball Interactive Game


Bounce 2  Bounce offers this popular foosball interactive game! The purpose of the game is to be the first team to score three goals and win the game! Sounds easy right? Each player must have the their hands on the handles of a banister of their choice. Players are only allowed to move side to side just like the classic foosball game! Each team must work together and commuicate to their team mates in order to score a goal and win the game. Our foosball interactive game promotes social skills, exercise, communication and team work! This life-size foosball arena has horizontal banisters running the length of the field to keep players from crossing into each other's territory, just like the real foosball game! Imagine the excitement when your guests get to play life size foosball with their friends and family! The best part about this game is ten (10) players can play at once! Whether it's a sports themed party, company event, school festival, prom fest, graduation party, college event or church celebration, our inflatable soccer dart game is perfect for any occasion! 


Fooseball Interactive Game Specifications:


- Inflatable foosball game
- One (1) soccer ball 
Safety Rules
- Adults should always be supervising the kids when they are playing with the inflatable game
- Please limit ten (10) players at a time
- No rough play (including wrestling)
- No jewelry or sharp objects
- Do not climb or jump on the inflatable game 
- Do not operate any inflatable in 15mph winds or more 
- Never play with the inflatable game when it's raining

- Overnight rentals are allowed as long as our equipment can be locked up when it is not being used
- Cement set ups are allowed. We cannot set up on rocks, gravel or uneven cement.
- One (1) Blower (requires a separate outlet)

Soccer game with no contact